New Mum’s Style Survival Guide

New Mum Style Tips

New Mum Style Guide

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ar down the list of things to do when your preparing for impending motherhood is to sort out a new wardrobe. But come the arrival of your little bundle of joy, you soon realise that the practicality’s of fashion will never be the same again, well at least till your through the puking, nappy, mud magnet stages. Here’s London Stylists new mum’s style survival guide with tips on what fashion essentials to stock up on for your new maternal role.


Yes these little life savers will see you from sofa bound dose to emergency shop trip no problem. Your allowed a couple of weeks of 24/7 PJ’s and then generally you’re expected to start looking like you’re part of society again. Jeggings give the perfect illusion of ready for the day but with enough comfort for slobbing out with your new mini buddy.


Unfortunately black clothes show up puke, and white clothes show up puke. The best practical textile to opt for is patterned with as many colours on as possible. Take my word they hide all manner of newborn and toddler sins. Paisley and checked are my favourites.

Easy access tops

If you’re breast feeding, and don’t fancy full frontal exposure in public, then investing in some baggy boyfriend shirts or drapey tops you can pull up over your baby is a must. As much as the world has come on in letting breast feeding ladies just get on with it, father-in-laws, brothers and men in general are often found squirming in their seats unless you’re discreet.


A backpack or rucksack is a must if you’re pounding the city streets with a pushchair or baby sling. Keep your hands free for a double shot latte.

Large face watch

A watch, for timing your wee boy or girls naps and feeds. Get a large face one you can easily see through heavy, sleep-deprived eyes.


Some days you just want to forget your beauty routine and hide behind a pair of large frame sunnies. A great substitute for eye liner and sleep.

Dry shampoo

You see those visitors you forgot were coming pull up outside, realise that in your baby fog you haven’t showered for about a week but with a quick baby wipe shower and a good dose of dry shampoo on your upside down head, you’re guest ready by the time they reach the door. Hooray! We love Lush ‘No Drought’ dry shampoo and natural organic range Max & Nancy Hairy Dust, suitable for parents and babies.


Dungaree’s and play suits. In the rare opportunity you get to go to the loo, you won’t want any obstacles.

Dry clean only. Easy wash fabrics, preferably with minimum ironing required, are the way forward when you and your regurgitating little one are forced to do regular outfit changes.

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