Anastasia: White Ankle Socks in Evening Standard

Check out Anastasia Shekshnya in a vintage red dress & crisp white ankle socks, pictured in sunny Clapton, East London.

Anastasia Shekshnya looked cute as a button in a simple red vintage dress from Paris, but the best bit of her outfit had to be her fresh Daz white American Apparel ankle socks with loafers. The 24 year old student from Russia is pictured in Clapton where she lives. She describes her style as preppy, girly and vintage. As featured in Evening Standard London Looks.

Anastasia Shekshnya

3 thoughts on “Anastasia: White Ankle Socks in Evening Standard”

  1. she looks so cute in this that dress.
    the frilly white socks are adorable on her.white socks are
    all I wear. are there any more photos of her?

  2. Very nice, I wear shorts and loafers for summer, but I always feel like us boys have to stick to black socks or at least avoid white, unlike you girls. White socks get a bad rap i don’t know why.

    1. A bright ankle sock looks great on a man and can amplify an otherwise conservative outfit. Michael Jackson always had a crisp white pair on. Rock your Daz white ankle socks with pride Mr!

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