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Hello. We’re Chan and Dan from 2 Mates and a Blog and we have the absolute honour of guest blogging for Nicely Turned Out this week. With this in mind it was imperative for us to pull out all the stops and to hold back nothing. It was show time. We are both great fans of Nicely Turned Out for a couple of solid reasons, such as the quality of content as well as the quality of design. Oh, and not to mention the pretty spectacular street style they capture.

Now, some of you might have seen our blog before but we’re guessing a vast majority of you haven’t. If there was one thing we would love to get across to all of the Nicely Turned Out readers with this one post, it would be that we love doing things big. We not only love getting our creative juices flowing by either enlisting our fun loving, quirky outfits on ourselves or others but we love to create storyboards and mood boards to explain our thought process behind each one of them. So here goes this weeks’ inspiration. With one of the AW14 biggest trends taking over the world it seems, we opted to express our 70’s flare. Baring in mind the uber cool prints, flares, wavy hair and bold block colours, we proceeded to embrace our inner hippy. Chan enlisted the help from the classic cut out wide legged jumpsuit and a rather vibrant sequinned/ embellished jacket. To enhance the look that little bit further she added a heavily patterned scarf to her wrist. However to bring some of the 21st century back she chose gold toe tap pointed heels. Dan went for a rather chic black velvet jumpsuit with a gold netted cardigan. Her large round sunglasses gave her that 70’s edge along with her flowing wavy locks. What are your thoughts on the current trend? Is it a nay or yay for you? Will you be digging out your mums’ denim flares and wrapping a head scarf around your head like Rambo?

Thoughts please…

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x Chantelle and Danniella x

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