Sustainable Style: Top 10 Ethical Fashion Brands

Traid Remade and the top 10 ethical fashion brands online.

On trend, ethical fashion is becoming more accessible, and a variety of online shops now offer sustainable clothing at affordable prices, without scrimping on style. Read on for the top 10 places to buy affordable, ethical fashion brands online.

Traid RemadeImage source: Traid Remade

Traid Remade

Traid Remade offer collections of recycled and affordable fashion, with the extra bonus of working with charity organisations; injecting money into education and helping to curb injustice in fashion industry.

ASOS Green Room

ASOS provide a large collection of sustainable brands such as Tatty Devine and Edun, all with an ‘ethical or eco-conscious story to tell’. ASOS’s own green collections include ASOS Africa, produced in Kenya in collaboration with fairtrade manufaturer SOKO, as well as the sustainable ASOS Reclaimed label, recycling fabrics and upcycling vintage pieces in East London factories. Shop ASOS Green room.

Annie Greenabelle

A great shop for on trend fashion with conscience. All items are clearly labelled with organic, locally produced, fairtrade or ethically sourced icons for transparent, sustainable shopping.


Etsy are the biggest market place for handmade and vintage sellers. It’s like eBay but with all products handmade or over 10 years old. Great for sourcing unique, one-off outfits and accessories.

Braintree Clothing

Braintree offers feel-good fashion made from sustainable fabrics such as hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. Discover laid back styles, exceptional prints and a taste of Boho.

Fashion Compassion

Fashion Compassion is an ethical line sourced exclusively from brands that positively contribute to society, particularly those that empower women. The organisation ensures that they donate a portion of its revenues to charity.

Gather and See

This is an online boutique comprising of affordable sustainable fashion by hip brands such as Kowtow, Lalesso and Feral Childe. Gather and See is one of the best platforms to enjoy on trend fashion with ethics.

Liv UK

This is a classic yet stylish fashion line sourced from organic and biodynamic cotton, sustainably grown and fairly traded. The online market is owned by Elysia – Dr Hauschka’s parent company.

Charlie boots

At Charlie’s, there is an exclusive ‘ten item limit per design’ which includes UK made women’s wear as well as accessories made from ethical sources all using organic, fair trade or sustainable vintage fabrics.


Adini sell classic British women’s wear, with a commitment to their ethical and environmentally friendly policies.


There are many places online where you can purchase affordable, ethical fashion that will in one way or another contribute to ethical and sustainable living. Take your time to scrutinise the products and clothes you purchase to ensure you trade with reputable ventures that are serving you and the planet well.


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Vintage Fashion Greats Unite at New Tooting Shop

Lily Flower Vintage meets Amber Skye’s Wardrobe


Lily Flower Vintage meets Amber Skye’s Wardrobe

Stylist’s Kelly Tison of Lily Flower Vintage and Lauren Gallagher of Amber Skye’s Wardrobe are bringing their unique vintage clothing treasures to up and coming shopping hub, Tooting Market. From statement dresses to upcycled denim, the friendly duo have a fantastic collection of sparkling,
bohemian and timeless gems to brighten up your wardrobe.

After nearly a decade selling their great value, sought after garms in East London hotspots including Brick Lane and Netil Market, the local South West London ladies are delighted to launch a shop in London’s new favorite hang out, recently dubbed ‘Tooting is Rooting’, by The Evening Standard.


Kelly & Lauren invite you to join them to celebrate the launch of their shop with a party and pop up market at:

The Gorringe Park pub, 29 London Rd, Tooting, SW17 9HW Friday 10th October from 19.00 till late

The free event brings you a pandora’s box of clothes, accessories, art and furnishings from around the Globe, featuring sellers Gypsy East, Genski Art and Mini Ink London. Shout Hair offers you a vintage hair and make up bar, Serendipity Tea Rooms will serve cakes and you’ll find Gorringes finest drinks and food on the menu.

There will also be a raffle with prizes including a credit note for the duo’s new shop
and a voucher for Shout Hair. Proceeds to the South London Work Play Scrap Store & The One Love Project


Lily Flower Vintage…

A bohemian traveling boutique bought to you by Kelly Tison to flower your wardrobe. The pop up shop also sells unique vintage and upcycled pieces online on ASOS, Etsy, eBay and Depop. Shop here.

Amber Skye’s Wardrobe…

Step into Lauren Gallagher’s wardrobe full of classic vintage pieces and accessories for all occasions.
Translating London looks throughout the ages with a twist of the cosmos. See more.

My Fashion: Canadian In The Smoke

Vancouverite model Julia Lawton embraces London Fashion

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ew to London, we asked Canadian model turned teacher Julia Lawton how she adjusted to London style and what it’s like to experience the capital’s fashion with fresh eyes.Julia Lawton's London style

Before the transition in Vancouver (left) and fully embracing London style in ..And Other Stories dress (right)

I moved to London from Vancouver in August last year, I didn’t quite know what to expect when I arrived here but I immediately noticed the fashion stakes were much higher than I was used to. I knew London would be fashionable but I didn’t expect the formalness of the attire and walking around Central London I immediately felt under dressed. Unfortunately Canada doesn’t always have the best reputation when it comes to style, coming from the west coast of Canada yoga pants and hoodies reign supreme, but we are getting better! I knew there would be a huge fashion culture in London but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lots of designer labels? People wearing their own designs? The answer to both was yes and more! I quickly realized the idea of “fancy” jeans is purely Canadian and people do not generally wear denim to work here. My go­ to outfit of dark jeans, tank top (or “vest” as it’s called here) and a blazer wasn’t going to cut it. I soon fell in love with European brands like …And Other Stories and All Saints, stores I had never heard of before coming to London.

It was traveling to East London for a friends art event that I found the adventurous style I had heard about. Amazing headwear and mis-matched patterns were everywhere. Lots of thrift, vintage and homemade outfits, I was blown away by everyones personal style. Again back to the drawing board for me, looking at my wardrobe in new ways, new combinations. Now I am embarking on my own English tutoring business, I started teaching EFL in China after I stopped modelling and fell in love with it. Back home I got my qualifications and now I’m in London putting it all to good use. Every day in London is a new adventure in fashion as I experience different jobs, festivals and events­­ I love the diversity and freedom the city exudes!

See Julia’s street style in Oxford Circus here.

TWITTER: @juliaherself



Valentines Gifts: Pendant Fancy

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]lowers fade, chocolates are gone too quickly (5 minutes in my house), diamonds are a cliche, but a pendant; that’s a personal and potentially flawless Valentines gift. There’s pendants to suit any kind of lady, get it right and it’ll be hanging round her neck forever. Scissors for the hair stylist, a unicorn for the dreamy, horoscope reader or a strawberry for the girly girl. Somewhere out there there’s a pendant for everyone, and a good place to start is in the huge selection at Jewellery World.

Valentines Pendants Pendants left to right, all from Jewellery World.

Best Of: London Street Style 2013

The year of ombre hair colour & boiler suits; here’s our top street style of 2013!

[dropcap]2[/dropcap]013 was the year of ombre hair colour, boiler suits, statement necklaces and bold headwear. Trends come and go but London remains the hub of unique fashion, and to celebrate the inspired style on the streets of The Smoke, here’s a collection of Nicely Turned Out’s 15 most popular street style looks from the past year, click the links below for full outfits.Best Street Style 2013

1. Marianne Theodorsen at London Fashion Week

2. Amy Shipp in Oxford Circus

3. Erin Adair on Oxford Street

4. Natasha Rose in Shoreditch

5. Wilderness Festival goer in Spangled onesie

6. Sophie Estelle at London Fashion Week

7. Susie Lau at London Fashion Week

8. Katherine Ferdinand in Seven Dials

9. Amy Isles-Freeman at Wilderness Festival 2013

10. Aldene Johnson in Spitalfields Market

11. Bethan Wood in Spitalfields Market

12. Roz Woodman in Old Spitalfields


Pretty In Print: So It Goes Magazine UK Launch

A peek at So It Goes mag including indie-film queen Greta Gerwig shot by Helena Christensen.

Secret-Garden-2[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ove a chunky magazine bursting with beautiful imagery to liven up the coffee table, and today has treated us to the UK launch of So It Goes magazine. Have a peek at the striking photography from Issue.2 with cover feature indie-film queen and star of Frances Ha, Greta Gerwig, shot by fashion legend Helena Christensen. Also included in the ‘Actors’ chapter is heartthrob of a generation Adam Driver from hit US TV show Girls, set to explode in the upcoming Coen brothers’ film, Inside Llewyn Davis. Elsewhere, there is a mix of established names and vibrant new voices. Music legends Gilles Peterson and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, king of New York street photography Saul Leiter and Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn are all interviewed. Issue.2 also houses a series of portraits of model-actress Clara Paget and a sixteen page A/W fashion story by Jo Metson Scott, while visionary artist Richard Mosse’s infra-red photos of the Congo confuse and shock. Readers will find travel journalism from Oslo, Cartagena, Burma and Makoko, a West African pygmy village. More than just an arts magazine, exclusive reportage includes a haunting travelogue on West African voodoo; a fly-on-the-wall exposé of life in the Flying Squad – London’s armed response unit; and a personal, time-capsule letter to a future digital child. Whether actors, artists, directors, musicians or writers, So It Goes sets out to uncover the stories and storytellers that are rarely heard and shines a light on worlds we don’t yet know. Theirs are the voices creative agency So It Goes endeavours to project from it’s pages, for in an age where so many are shouting to be heard, it’s rewarding to listen a little closer to these whispers of originality. Order a copy of So It Goes.Clara-Paget-1

Model-actress Clara Paget


Richard Mosse’s infra-red photos of the Congo


Adam Driver


Secret Garden fashion editorial


Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Greta Gerwig So It Goes Magazine

Greta Gerwig shot by Helena Christensen on the cover

Hair: Fade-Out Colour at Ego, Queens Park

Hair: Too shy for dip-dye? Have a fade-out colour instead. We tested it out for you..

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter various hair colour phases from Florence Welch red to Milla Jovovich Fifth Element orange, I’ve had a few years of hair dye respite with au natural locks. Having had pangs for colour again but feeling a bit nervous, I’ve tip-toed round the idea of rocking vibrant dip-dyed hair (see our dip-dye homage on Pinterest) as there’s always the option to chop a few centimetres off if those neon pink ends weren’t really me. But there is another solution for colour wimps such as I; a safe step down from an ombre or dip-dye is a fade-out, as seen at Vera Wang. Ego colour technician Grace Cullen explained the fade-out is much like the dip-dye but the root colour fades into the end colour with no pronounced line. Grace eased me back into the colour spectrum with a subtle caramel dye through my ends. The result was a warmer look, the caramel tones catching the sun and making my hair look thicker, but with the comfort of staying true to my roots. Now that wasn’t so hard, I’m going back for some scarlet tips!

Hair by Grace Cullen at Ego, Queens Park, London. Bookings: 020 7625 4811.

Ego Hair London

Shop Colour Haircare: