Hair: Fade-Out Colour at Ego, Queens Park

Hair: Too shy for dip-dye? Have a fade-out colour instead. We tested it out for you..

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter various hair colour phases from Florence Welch red to Milla Jovovich Fifth Element orange, I’ve had a few years of hair dye respite with au natural locks. Having had pangs for colour again but feeling a bit nervous, I’ve tip-toed round the idea of rocking vibrant dip-dyed hair (see our dip-dye homage on Pinterest) as there’s always the option to chop a few centimetres off if those neon pink ends weren’t really me. But there is another solution for colour wimps such as I; a safe step down from an ombre or dip-dye is a fade-out, as seen at Vera Wang. Ego colour technician Grace Cullen explained the fade-out is much like the dip-dye but the root colour fades into the end colour with no pronounced line. Grace eased me back into the colour spectrum with a subtle caramel dye through my ends. The result was a warmer look, the caramel tones catching the sun and making my hair look thicker, but with the comfort of staying true to my roots. Now that wasn’t so hard, I’m going back for some scarlet tips!

Hair by Grace Cullen at Ego, Queens Park, London. Bookings: 020 7625 4811.

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