My Fashion: Canadian In The Smoke

Vancouverite model Julia Lawton embraces London Fashion

Julia Lawton's London style

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ew to London, we asked Canadian model turned teacher Julia Lawton how she adjusted to London style and what it’s like to experience the capital’s fashion with fresh eyes.Julia Lawton's London style

Before the transition in Vancouver (left) and fully embracing London style in ..And Other Stories dress (right)

I moved to London from Vancouver in August last year, I didn’t quite know what to expect when I arrived here but I immediately noticed the fashion stakes were much higher than I was used to. I knew London would be fashionable but I didn’t expect the formalness of the attire and walking around Central London I immediately felt under dressed. Unfortunately Canada doesn’t always have the best reputation when it comes to style, coming from the west coast of Canada yoga pants and hoodies reign supreme, but we are getting better! I knew there would be a huge fashion culture in London but I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lots of designer labels? People wearing their own designs? The answer to both was yes and more! I quickly realized the idea of “fancy” jeans is purely Canadian and people do not generally wear denim to work here. My go­ to outfit of dark jeans, tank top (or “vest” as it’s called here) and a blazer wasn’t going to cut it. I soon fell in love with European brands like …And Other Stories and All Saints, stores I had never heard of before coming to London.

It was traveling to East London for a friends art event that I found the adventurous style I had heard about. Amazing headwear and mis-matched patterns were everywhere. Lots of thrift, vintage and homemade outfits, I was blown away by everyones personal style. Again back to the drawing board for me, looking at my wardrobe in new ways, new combinations. Now I am embarking on my own English tutoring business, I started teaching EFL in China after I stopped modelling and fell in love with it. Back home I got my qualifications and now I’m in London putting it all to good use. Every day in London is a new adventure in fashion as I experience different jobs, festivals and events­­ I love the diversity and freedom the city exudes!

See Julia’s street style in Oxford Circus here.

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