Street Style: Spitalfields Market

Street Style in Spitalfields Market, London. Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair.

Hiding from the elements in the haven of Spitalfields Market. Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, holding it’s monthly residency, is where we met this stylish trio…

Spitalfields Market

Maria Vorobyeva, Kemal Klempic and Jegor Pister in Spitalfields Market.

Maria Vorobyeva, Spitalfields MarketMaria Vorobyeva, an architecture student at St Martins, London, wears coat from Cos and creeper shoes from Underground complete with kohl freckles.

Jegor Pister, Spitalfields MarketJegor Pister, and art student at LCC wears a cape, handmade by himself, vintage hat from Berlin, H&M shirt, S&S cardigan, Calzadonia tights and vintage shoes and bag.

Sue Ryder, Vintage HairSue Ryder fundraisers give vintage hair styles for ‘Febru-hairy’ in exchange for donations to the charity.

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  1. These are great! Where exactly did you get them from? Was it a stall or one of the shops? I go often to Spitalfields and have never seen these!

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