Street Style: Sugababes, Ponchos & Maxi Skirts at Wireless Festival 2011

Amelle Berrabah The Sugababes Wireless Festival

Wireless Festival attracted hoards of immaculately dressed ladies and gents. I was struck by how city festival goers manage to remain so sleek, probably helped by the fact that everybody goes home for a wash at night rather than rolling out of tents and having baby wipe showers, and as the weather was superb there wasn’t a hunter welly in sight. In between Plan B and The Black Eyed Peas I snapped these three lovelies… See more festival style.Topshop Maxi Skirt Wireless Festival 2011Sam Terrell, a finace PA from London’s Docklands wears maxi skirt, vest, sandals, bangle, aviator sunglasses and feather necklace, all from TopshopAmelle Berrabah The Sugababes Wireless FestivalAmelle Berrabah of The Sugababes hanging out in the guest area in double denim and desert boots, topped off with scarlet lips

Leroy Palms Vintage PonchoSinger Leroy Palms combines noughts and crosses with tweed in a vintage English poncho, which he travelled to 1963 to obtain

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