Evening Standard: Leanne Elliot’s Jubilee Look

Leanne’s Jubilee style and colour detail at Broadway Market’s street party.

It’s not the first time I’ve spotted Leanne Elliot and her striking style out in London, I took her photo last year when she was riding her Pashley through Angel. This time she was celebrating the Queens Jubilee at a street party in Broadway Market. The 28-year old Art Director from Dalston wears blazer from H&M, Nike NSW boob tube and leggings, creepers from Selfridges and a Marc Jacobs necklace. On closer inspection she has an amazing colour palette going on, with lilac dip dye hair, scarlet lips and pastel blue nails complementing her day-glo yellow blazer, see below. Picture featured in Evening Standard’s London Looks.

Leanne Elliot

Leanne Elliot

Tattoos, Tweed & a Kilt in Broadway Market

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] sunny afternoon in Broadway Market, London Fields always gets the well dressed folk out, but this chap surpasses most. I’ve no idea of his name, I was probably too awe struck by how marvellous he looked to get further than asking for a photo. Adorned in maori tattoos but looking like a proper British gent in knee socks and a kilt, oh and a beautiful baby in tow. (Update: This is Maori artist George Nuku.) See more mens street style.Tattoos and tweed

Aimee McWilliams wearing Balmain, Broadway Market

Designer Aimee McWilliams at Kennaland Studios in Broadway Market

Whilst visiting Kennaland Studios in Broadway Market, London, we had to admire Aimee’s mix of fabrics and textures. Her beautifully tailored wool jacket is by Balmain, who she designs for, her satin trousers by Aimee McWilliams (her own label) with a DKNY top and Tory Burch boots.
Aimee McWilliams Balmain

Upside down shirt in Broadway Market

It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. It’s no accident that this lovely lady’s wearing her shirt upside down, and it works. Newly arrived from Sweden, and in head to toe charity shop finds, we found Anna amonsgt the throng of well dressed boys and girls on a Saturday afternoon in London Fields.