The Times: Jade Gough’s East London Style

Out & about in Stoke Newington: Photographer Jade’s 90’s grunge look in The Times newspaper

Love Jade Gough’s simple look, it’s like a hark back to the 90’s grunge era. A photographer from Dalston, she’s pictured in Stoke Newington wearing her boyfriend’s American Apparel tshirt, a skirt from India, necklace from Spitalfields antique’s market, vintage Dr Martens boots and a bag from Portobello market. As featured in The Times newspaper.

Jade Gough


Joela Sakayam in Dalston for Evening Standard

Designer Joela’s lazy Levi’s style and undercut hair-do in Dalston.

Designer Joela Sakayam, is a designer working for Levi’s. She’s snapped here in an American Apparel T-shirt, vintage cardigan, Dr Marten boots and a vintage denim jacket and jeans from, of course, Levi’s, topped off with a high-sided undercut hair do.  The 22 year old lives in Clapton and is seen here in nearby Dalston. Picture also featured in Evening Standard’s London Looks.

Joela Sakayam

Street Style: Rose Pilkinton in Dalston for Evening Standard

Rose working understated chic with her statement red creepers and army biker jacket.

Rose Pilkinton’s army style biker jacket and slouchy look is pleasantly understated and then POW, my eyes reach her bright red creepers, bringing the whole ensemble together. Rose, pictured in Dalston, wears head to toe vintage from Camden. Picture featured on Evening Standard’s London Looks.

Rose Pilkinton

Alex: Leather & Levi’s in Evening Standard’s London Looks

From his sunnies to his Dr Martens, Alex wears head to toe charity shop perfection

Alex wears leather biker jacket, cut off T-shirt and Levi’s, sunglasses and Dr Marten boots, all from charity shops. He’s pictured in Dalston where he lives and works as a waiter. As featured in Evening Standard’s London Looks.

Alex in Dalston

Thom Hause for Evening Standard’s London Looks

Portasound band member Thom in Percival & Beyond Retro vintage, pictured in Dalston.

Thom Hause, resplendent in red and neutral tones, was collared for a street style shot in Dalston. The 27 year old from Clapton plays in instrumental electronica band Portasound; like Popcorn all grown-up (listen below). Thom is wearing a vintage blazer from Beyond Retro, vintage shirt, beanie hat from Dalston market, scarf from Norway, Percival trousers and Office shoes. As featured in Evening Standard’s London Looks.

Thom Hause

Featured Look: Ellie Slee by Andy Bumpus

Ellie Slee has huge Sophie Dahl eyes, huge style and is resident DJ for Babylove at London’s Dalston Superstore. Read more below…

Ellie Slee Sheer Dress

Ellie wears vintage dress from Bang Bang on Goodge street

Ellie Slee Fur CoatFur coat from vintage shop in Toronto

Elie Slee Rooftop DalstonFur coat, vintage from Toronto, yellow dress charity shop in Helsinki & Chanel bag

Ellie Slee DalstonVintage fur coat from Toronto

Ellie Slee Vintage Yellow DressCanary yellow dress from charity shop in Helsinki

Ellie Slee Fox Fur Scarf

You got a first in your fashion history degree recently, what are you
doing now?
I DJ at motown night Babylove and I’m working for the Tate galleries until I start my MA.

What have you done today? I came back from a visit to Oxford and listened to En
Vogue ‘Don’t Let Go’ on repeat, I can never tire of that song. Then I had cranial sacral therapy from a friend. The therapist lays hands on the patients head and spine.

What are you doing to stay creative during this time? I’ve been writing and reading in the British Library which is the best place in the world. I’ve never been anywhere that encourages concentration so much.

You DJ at Dalston Superstore, what’s your musical style? It circles around the golden era, and veers off to music from Atlantic, Stax and the Motown record labels, mostly soul with a helping of disco. A guy called Paddy hughes started the night with his friend Tors Beedles. When I heard what they were playing I cornered Paddy and said, ‘How are you doing this without me, I LOVE Motown?’.

You’re based in Dalston & Hackney, how do you feel about the recent troubles in London and your area with rioting? It was almost strange it didn’t hit harder here as the various groups are quite disparate and unconnected. It’s the first story in the news that felt really close to home. I’m from near Newcastle and Geordies just wouldn’t have it! I checked in the morning for updates and travel disruption and one morning found the Turkish community had defended the area. Loads of us took our business to the Turkish restaurants the next weekend to say thanks. It was quite emotional.

Who are your style icons? My new one’s Priscilla Presley, which stems from my obsession with Elvis. I want my wedding entrance song to be ‘I can’t help falling in love with you’; Elvis was singing it about Priscilla. Also Vanessa from Eastenders with her big hair. Tyra banks, I don’t like her clothes but I love her attitude, after she was shot looking unflattering on a beach, she came on her show and said,  ‘To anyone that needs to say something negative to others because they need to feel good about themselves, KISS MY FAT ASS!’. Can’t forget Mia from Pulp Fiction, Alla Nazimova and Nancy Beaton. For general style Sex In The City season two was great, all bright pink disco pants & calf length fur coats. Tacky done right looks good.

Where do you shop? Clothing exchanges like Bang Bang, and charity shops in
London and Durham. Durham has the best charity shops, they smell of fags &
dead people, my best find was some great salmon pink trousers.

You worked for Pringle during your degree, do you think their recent push to modernise can bring them to the next generation? It’s part of our heritage, and the Argyle print is an iconic image for British style, crossing into sub cultures such as football casuals, (a look popular with football hooligans from the 80’s onwards) and then later the chav look. I met Tilda Swinton, who’s representing Pringle, and she said she remembered her mother and grandmother wearing Pringle twin sets. They were sexy but prim at same time. In an early film noir film Lana Turner wore a twin set, but at the same time the Queen was wearing it.

Photography by Andy Bumpus

Street Style: Phillip Lim sequins & Wah Nails in Dalston

Gemma Griffin was looking far too glam to be pushing a trolley when I saw her piled high with snacks and booze in Dalston. She was in fact taking a quick break from a hen party in Wah Nails on Kingsland Road to get goodies for the hens. The knitwear designer from Brighton put the trolley aside and let me snap her looking gorgeous in a Phillip Lim sequined top, full and floaty H&M skirt and New Look wedge sandals.

Phillip Lim Sequin Top

Phillip Lim sequined top, Dalston