Tattoos, Tweed & a Kilt in Broadway Market

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] sunny afternoon in Broadway Market, London Fields always gets the well dressed folk out, but this chap surpasses most. I’ve no idea of his name, I was probably too awe struck by how marvellous he looked to get further than asking for a photo. Adorned in maori tattoos but looking like a proper British gent in knee socks and a kilt, oh and a beautiful baby in tow. (Update: This is Maori artist George Nuku.) See more mens street style.Tattoos and tweed

Street Style: East London Wedding Guest Attire

So THIS is how you dress for an East London wedding. These ladies were on the way to see their pal tie the knot, showing that wedding guest fashion needn’t be all soft tones and fascinators. Fur coats, knee socks and pink hair all the way…

Vintage wedding attire