Tattoos, Tweed & a Kilt in Broadway Market

George Nuku

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] sunny afternoon in Broadway Market, London Fields always gets the well dressed folk out, but this chap surpasses most. I’ve no idea of his name, I was probably too awe struck by how marvellous he looked to get further than asking for a photo. Adorned in maori tattoos but looking like a proper British gent in knee socks and a kilt, oh and a beautiful baby in tow. (Update: This is Maori artist George Nuku.) See more mens street style.Tattoos and tweed

3 thoughts on “Tattoos, Tweed & a Kilt in Broadway Market”

  1. Kia ora , I was googling Kilts and came to this blog 🙂 The gentleman is a Maori artist called George Nuku. He has a very active online presense so just google him if you like 🙂

    1. Wow, did just that and Googled George Nuku, amazing man! It was obvious when I encountered him he was someone special but he was so calm with his child I didn’t want to harass him with questions. Thanks for letting me know. Hannah.

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