The Rigby & Peller Experience: Bra’s, Bikini’s & Babies

Bye bye Kat Slater cleavage, hello pert elegance at my post baby bra fitting on Kings Road.

Olga Olsson

Olga Olsson Hope Bikini

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n my way to my first bra fitting at Rigby & Peller I anxiously envisaged an army of Trinny’s, Susannahs & Gok Wans ensconcing me in a cubicle and prodding my postpartum body. Fortunately Imogen, my fitter, was far less intimidating and managed to make bending me over into a bra almost as comfortable as sharing a Kit Kat. Like magic she sized me up by sight; after 6 months training she can tell you to the inch and cup just by looking at you and having a little shuffle of your bra, no tape measure required. I’d heard the rumours that you don’t know your real bra size till you’ve had a fitting with the Queens corsetières. In fact Rigby and Peller have worked out that about 80% of the customers who walk through their doors for the first time are wearing the wrong size bra, but I still audibly gasped when Imogen told me my dimensions (smaller back, larger cup, hurrah). Expecting Imogen to be perhaps a little bit off, I whipped off my uninspiring nursing bra and tried on a seamless PrimaDonna cream lace wonder which, low and behold, fit my globes like a glove, scooping them out & up. I admired my new silhouette in the provided silk dressing gown; bye bye Kat Slater cleavage, hello pert elegance. My accompanying baby boy was becoming less than impressed with the bra fitting experience so Imogen whisked him off to be entertained amongst the super friendly staff; yes they provided refreshments, tactfully delivered feedback AND childcare. I had a misconception that Rigby and Peller offered lingerie in uniform pastel and neutral shades, but I was spoilt for choice with colours ranging from electric blue to magenta pink. They also stock swimwear in sizes 30 C to 36 H, with a new Miami inspired Spring/Summer collection launching in May, see sculpted purple bikini below. After delving into the bikini ranges, I tried on a flattering berry coloured halter neck number by British brand Olga Olsson, which Imogen advised would adjust with my variable post pregnancy bosoms. I was smitten and for a brief ecstatic moment thought I resembled J Lo. Imogen no doubt thought my derriere was more Olive Oyl than Latino booty shaker but she approved of the fit and kindly humoured my Jennifer Lopez delusions. The little one and I were soon heading back into the bustle of Kings Road; the Olga bikini folded into a luxuriously discreet black box under my arm with a vow to go back for the lace PrimaDonna number as soon as the variable bosoms allow.

Rigby and Peller

Rigby & Peller Olga Olsson bikini

Rigby & Peller

Bra fitting tips:

  • Variable size – Your bra size will fluctuate throughout your life so Rigby and Peller recommend that you buy a bra with some stretch in it and get fitted every 6 months to cater for changes.
  • Underwire – The underwire should sit on your ribcage, encasing your breasts and not digging into the breast tissue, with the centre piece between the wire sitting flat against the breastbone.
  • Back fit – This should be a snug fit, you should just be able to fit two fingers under the band. If it rides up in the middle of your back, it’s too big and won’t give you enough support.
  • Cup fit – The majority of women are wearing too small a cup size. If you have ‘double boob’ spillages over your cups or the middle piece between the cups is pulling away from your skin, then your cups are too small. Most think they are a B-cup, yet the average woman is now a D-cup.

Rigby & Peller SwimwearSculpted bikini from Rigby & Peller’s SS13 range.

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